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Youth OUTLOUD! is the premiere news service providing youth-generated stories for mainstream media. Through a unique revenue-sharing model, this news co-operative is designed to offer the best stories available from youth throughout the world so that mainstream press outlets have an opportunity to learn what youth are thinking about and doing in the world around them.

Issues arise daily that affect youth; however, these voices are rarely heard. Youth provide first-person stories of events that have affected their lives, such as living with a parent with AIDS, the Asian tsunami, living in Iraq during the war or what happens at school when a crisis occurs.

Youth from around the world are invited to write about their lives: what their daily life is like, what they fear and their dreams of the future.Stories will sometimes culminate in an in-depth, global perspective on a particular issue. The topics may be difficult, such as "the day I heard my parent was killed in the war" or "living with cancer." All of these stories from youth can be compiled into collection of articles, surveys, opinion pieces, diary entries, location updates, youth profiles, or be subject to inclusion in large works by journalists.

Some stories are breaking news, others are features; all are compelling.

By joining Youth OUTLOUD! all members exchange ideas and stories with other like-minded news outlets throughout the world.

It is time to really listen to what the youth of the world have to say, and Youth OUTLOUD! is the place to start.

The Youth OUTLOUD! website was built by youth in Florida for the
empowerment of all youth worldwide.

Feature Stories

Feature stories are typically 500 words or more and express youth views on political, social, news and issue-oriented topics. Feature are print-ready and can include photographs.


Youth have views on all topics! Youth OUTLOUD! asks youth about a wide variety of issues and they send us their thoughts, which are compiled into a larger, global story.


These stories are typically 500 words or less and express youth views on lighter topics such as school-life, hobbies, family and other issues of interest to teens.